Go Canada-wide with Pipeline.

With the Pipeline Commercial Fuel Card, join one of the largest cardlock fuel networks across Canada. Plus, simplify fleet management with our innovative card management system.

The Pipeline Commercial Fuel Card is accepted at these Parkland cardlock locations across Canada. You can also enable your card for access to Ultramar and Chevron retail gas stations.

Use your Pipeline Commercial fuel card at over 160 cardlock locations across Canada through our expanded network.


Pipeline cardlocks 
across eastern Canada


Additional cardlocks 
across Western Canada


Plus, enable access for  Ultramar and Chevron retail gas stations.

For all your fuelling needs.

Our 24/7 cardlock locations across Canada provide all your fuel and DEF needs. Choose from high-quality diesel, gas, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), lubricants and more.

our amenities.

We’re your go-to stop to make life on the road more comfortable. Amenities vary from location to location but may include: Wi-Fi, rest stops, restaurants, washrooms, showers and driver lounges.

The Pipeline Commercial Cardlock Network is secure, reliable and nation-wide.


Cardlocks available 24/7 along major transport routes across Canada.

Network breadth

Access our entire network of over 160 cardlock locations across Canada with option to enable access to Ultramar and Chevron retail stations.


Our robust supply chain ensures sites always have the fuel you need.

Fraud controls

Sophisticated card security features to prevent unwanted or unauthorized transactions.

Plus, simplify fleet management with our online card management system.

  • Helps you save time and improve compliance
  • Set card limits, track spending and control expenses
  • Prevent fraud with sophisticated card security features
  • Reporting tools to analyze and optimize business
  • Easy, secure online payments and invoicing

Dedicated customer  service and support.

As a Pipeline Commercial cardholder, you have access to dedicated customer service and support. It’s our commitment to you.


What is Pipeline Commercial’s cardlock coverage?


What if a card is missing or stolen?


What are the security features?


Can I pay invoices online?


What are the reporting features?


Can I apply for a Pipeline Commercial fuel card for my own personal use (not business)?  


How long does it take to get approved for an account and receive my Pipeline Commercial fuel card(s)?


Are there any fees associated with applying for the Pipeline Commercial fuel card?


What are your fuel quality standards?


How do I manage my card(s) - for example, order new ones or change card restrictions?


Are there any fees associated with ordering new cards?


Is the Pipeline Commercial card accepted in-store?


Can I use my Pipeline Commercial card for showers? At which locations?


Ready to take charge?

Drive your business forward with Eastern Canada’s preferred cardlock network for fuel, DEF and premium amenities.